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Lunan Report 2

First of all I would like to thank the Trust Administrators for the invite to attend a meeting on Feb.20 on behalf of the Arbroath Angling Club.  I felt very privileged to be allowed to represent my Club and to be able to shout for the wee Lunan.  At the meeting lots of topics concerning the Lunan were discussed, proposals were offered and ideas were exposed.  We hold our Club Meeting soon and I can't wait to pass on the Trust's advice and recommendations. In the meantime, the Lunan flows on in it's own way waiting for the starting gun. At present it is looking beautiful,  the water is falling back nicely, it is just the right shade of Lagavulin, and all in all it is ready for us.  My only concern is that if we don't get some rain between now and the season,  we might be struggling for water,  but no doubt the Scottish weather will come to our rescue.    I am on water most days,  last year I was pleased to see shoals of newly-hatched and young fish,  I know where they are and I'm watching their progress carefully especially after this fairly gentle Winter.  Nice to find some Otter tracks last week,  what was really nice was the fact that they were in a totally new area for Otter activity.  Maybe not so nice , or otherwise, depending on your persuasion was lots and lots of Beaver activity on the Isla last week,  I am no expert on the speed of re-location of Beavers or how fast they can occupy new territory but I am alerting all our members to familiarise themselves with Beaver sign and prints.  Quite a few trees down on and across the river,  the farmers are aware of them and the removal is up to them.  As far as I am concerned,  I can't get excited about a tree lying in the water [ unless it's a danger],  trees have been falling into rivers since day one and Mother Nature has a way of dealing with them.  For me,  they can create pools ,  runs,  glides, cover and camouflage for fish.  They create a feature where ,before,  the river was bland and insipid. And of course, it gives our friend the Kingfisher a new perch.   Anyway,  the river is looking good, the weather is being kind to us, and we are all in the starting-blocks.  I'll put in a report just before Opening Day to give you an up-to-date forecast,  in the meantime, good luck to all,  not long now.