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Lunan Report March 27th 2014

Well, here we are again,  everybody nicely in the starting blocks and champing at the bit. I walked the whole length over last week,  not so much to fish but to see what's going on and to look for familiar faces.  Every year I do this and every year I get the feeling that I've arrived at a party too early. Thing is,  it's all ready for us,  the water is a perfect height,  it's the right colour and is flowing beatifully. All the local residents are pairing up and hiding away producing the next generation.  The fly-life is looking promising,  Iron Blues are always a welcome sight,  they seem to fit in to the picture so well,  wee tough guys that wouldn't seem right in any other situation.  So,  it's all there waitng for us.  The down side[ always a down side,   I always imagine it's ol' Mother Nature showing us who'se boss ] , the down side is the water temperature. Its been hovering between 42 and 46 all week [ I can't get my head around expressing temp. in little metric digits ]  Anyway I'll be down there again today looking for a change ,  if it's not time yet, the best consolation is that it's earl days yet.  It's not ready yet,  but when it is  good luck and tight lines to you all.hat